Cannabis-Tech Transforms Israel from a Start-Up Nation into an AgTech Nation


Recently, PlantEXT, the Israeli Medical Cannabis-Tech company that developed cannabis-based drugs for the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases, announced that it will go public in Canada on the TSX Venture Exchange (Toronto Stock Exchange). PlantEXT is not alone, Medical Cannabis-Tech is an increasingly crowded space in Israel. The trend is clear – the Cannabis-Tech and the AgTech industry helped restore agriculture to its rightful place at the center of public discourse – both in Israel and abroad.

Looking back at the history of the Zionist movement, in the early years of the State of Israel, agriculture enjoyed a unique status compared to other industrial sectors. Working the land was of supreme national importance, highly appreciated, was considered prestigious and enjoyed a broad financial institutional support. With the passage of time though, agriculture, so it seems, ceased to be so desirable. Nowadays, the

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