Victims’ son supports urgent roadside drug testing after synthetic cannabis linked to 7 crash deaths


The son of two people who lost their lives in a horror head-on in Taranaki is calling on the Government to do more to deal with drugged drivers after synthetic cannabis use was linked to the crash.

On Friday, Coroner Tim Scott heard evidence at the inquest into the June 27, 2018, deaths of Ian Porteous, 80, Rosalie Porteous, 76, Ora Keene, 84, and Brenda Williams, 79, Nivek Madams, 8, five-month-old baby Shady-Jade Thompson, and Jeremy Thompson, 28.

The children’s mother Ani Nohinohi was a passenger in the car and the crash’s sole survivor.

The hearing, held in the Whanganui District Court, heard how Jeremy Thompson, who was driving one of the cars involved in the crash, had

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