Taking on Corporate Cannabis: The Rise of Pure CBD Exchange


With such a high number of CBD brands, a constant barrage of misinformation , and a general lack of regulation, it can be difficult knowing who to trust when it comes to buying hemp products. Low budget websites, social media scammers, multilevel marketing companies, and obscure celebrity endorsements pollute the airwaves with useless products, deals that are too good to be true, and exaggerated medical claims. Quality-oriented homegrown brands now compete to fend off bandwagon-hopping corporate invaders who see nothing but a sexy bottom line. All this boils down to the biggest question in the national CBD industry: who can consumers trust?

Since their inception, this is the question that Pure CBD Exchange and Aspen Valley Hemp Company exist to answer. These companies have discovered that there’s more to creating trust than just a polished appearance or a fancy marketing campaign. Trust is measured by a company’s genuine concern for what people are putting into their bodies and making sure that

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