Inside the Battle for Sex-Centric Cannabis


Marijuana moguls Dan Bilzerian and BigMike are giving the people what they want: butts, boobs and bikinis

For all this talk about marijuana culture going mainstream, and corporate pot developing brands that appeal to everyone from soccer moms to achy grandparents, the truth is that, in the cannabis market, sex still sells. So, for that matter, do mansion parties, celebrities, private planes, custom cars and supermodels.

This is why, with just under three million Instagram followers, the most powerful weed influencer in the world for the past few years has been an ex-black-market tycoon named BigMike — two words, no space. BigMike runs Advanced Nutrients, the ubiquitous, cannabis-centric agricultural supply business with annual revenues of over $110 million, and put decades of illicit growing experience into the launch of his signature line of legal pot, known as BigMike’s Blends

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