How cannabis-fuelled frat parties led to a new roadside screening device


Dastiger Khan was a University of Waterloo fraternity brother when he noticed something troubling wafting over many of the parties he and his friends would throw.

“Me and my partners, we threw a lot of events … and we always promoted designated drivers at our parties,” says Khan, a 23-year-old economics major at the school. “What we often noticed was individuals that would be fine with not drinking and driving (but) they would be fine with smoking a joint (marijuana) or hitting a bong.”

Worried they could face civil or criminal liability if a stoned driver got into an accident, Khan and three pals from Waterloo’s Wilfrid Laurier University brainstormed. And out of that came a new roadside screening device — known as Guard-Ex — that has attracted $1 million in start-up funding

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