CIA-trained Cuban ex-pilot released after record US marijuana sentence of 39 years


A former Cuban pilot, who has served the longest-known US jail sentence for a marijuana conviction, has finally been released and reunited with his family after nearly four decades behind bars.

Antonio Bascaro, 84, was released on May 1 after serving 39 years in prison for participating in a criminal organization that smuggled more than 600,000 pounds of Colombian marijuana into the United States.

After his release on last week, Bascaro enjoyed his first meal outside of jail with a side of Cuban coffee and most importantly, his family.

Before he was sentenced Bascaro refused to help US authorities with other investigations in exchange for a sentence reduction.

‘I refused to co-operate because my moral values and ethics, as well as my military training, kept me from using someone else or from testifying against another person to solve my problems,’ he told the BBC.

‘No one forced me to join the conspiracy. That is why I did not co-operate or try to

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