Letters: Marijuana use is not trivial


Sir: It is difficult to decide whether to condemn Chris Daw QC (‘A bitter pill’, 4 May) for his defeatism, or for his wilful ignorance of the true state of law enforcement in this country. There is no ‘prohibition’ of drug possession, as he claims. Hardly a week passes without some police force declaring that it is not interested in applying laws it is legally obliged to enforce. On 20 April, marijuana’s holy day, 5,000 people gathered in Hyde Park and broke the law, while police stood about. Not one person was arrested for an offence which officially carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison and an unlimited fine.

This is the culmination of a de facto surrender which goes back almost 50 years. It is the users who sustain the entire drugs trade. Suppliers and dealers would have no business without their cash. Interdiction of demand would strike a real blow at the trade, while legalisation would put the distribution and sale of marijuana in the

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