Design’s New Leaf


When Brett Beldock, a Manhattan-based furniture designer, was growing up in the city in the early ’70s, she would buy “the grooviest jeans in the world” at the Different Drummer, a boutique whose advertising poster was designed by Peter Max, the psychedelic artist. Ms. Beldock’s new capsule collection of marijuana-themed wallpaper, titled Dispensary, recently put her in mind of that old store, but its look was certainly not modeled on the hippie emporiums of yore.

Instead, inspired by the comfortable Victorian parlor of a medical marijuana dispensary she visited in San Francisco, Ms. Beldock created designs based on antique botanical drawings — but the plant is pot. Two of the patterns, Botanical Weed and Botanical Ganja, use the sedate shades typical of Farrow & Ball paint colors; a third, Mary Jane, references the ornate foliage in the artist Kehinde Wiley’s portrait of

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