Cannabis-friendly regions attracting tourists in large numbers


Tourism is a major economic growth driver for many countries that offer active city life and scenic landscapes. While many tourists often travel to explore a region’s traditional customs, there is a new industry that has now emerged in several countries, i.e. cannabis.

For instance, countries like Canada, the Netherlands and Spain have all become popular getaway spots for cannabis consumers worldwide.

The three nations, in particular, maintain relaxed cannabis regulations, which mean that tourists can freely purchase cannabis-based products. The U.S. is also becoming a major tourist destination for cannabis users because of states like California and Colorado, with the two states delivering over billions of dollars of collective cannabis revenue. Especially, Colorado has witnessed substantial growth in its cannabis tourism marketplace because it was one of the first states to legalize recreational use, along with Washington.

In 2016, Colorado saw 82.4 million travelers and as per Colorado Tourism, 12 million or 15% of those travelers participated in marijuana-related activities. Among the reported group, 5% of those travelers said they specifically

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