Radical new approach needed to get Scots drug users into recovery instead of court and prison


Last week as part of the Record’s ongoing debate on how we tackle Scotland’s spiralling drugs crisis, David Liddell, chief executive of the Scottish Drugs Forum, argued that we need to consider decriminalising drug possession.

Today, a leading figure in drugs rehabilitation echoes that view. Andrew Horne, of Addaction in Scotland, highlights the factors which often lead people into drug misuse and argues for an approach that sees compassion replacing criminalisation

Last year 934 people in Scotland died from a drug-related cause. We have the unenviable record of the most drug-related deaths in Europe.

We are a country that values compassion and community, yet we are unable to get a grip of this problem.

The numbers are incredibly grim and we may reach 1000 deaths this year. This is shameful and we ­desperately need a new approach.

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