NJ Politics Digest: Why Legal Weed Might Be Years Away


It’s beginning to look like the only deal state lawmakers might reach on recreational marijuana use is an agreement to put it on the ballot in 2020.

A report in NJ.com says that legislative leaders and Gov. Phil Murphy are not much closer to corralling the votes they need in order to approve legalization than they were when their efforts collapsed earlier this year.

That makes it increasingly likely that the plan will be put before voters for approval, the report said, quoting a number of insiders familiar with the legalization efforts. And any such referendum will likely have to wait until November 2020, since legalization supporters are worried about putting the measure before voters in a year when the entire state Assembly is up for re-election and there is no marquee race at the top of the ticket to attract younger and more liberal voters, who will likely support making weed legal.

So, the measure will be held until the November 2020 presidential election in an

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