Netherlands tourist board wants to discourage people from visiting


The Netherlands is famous for its picturesque canals, tulips, windmills, and liberal approach to cannabis laws.

Nineteen million tourists flock there annually to experience them, with that number expected to grow to more than 29 million by 2030.

It’s becoming such a deluge that the tourist board has decided to stop actively promoting Amsterdam and other famous areas, and focus on ‘destination management’ instead.

‘To control visitor flow and leverage the opportunities that tourism brings with it, we must act now. Instead of destination promotion, it is now time for destination management,’ they said in a strategy document.

Instead of telling visitors about already-famous areas, they will promote lesser known areas such as Eindhoven and Lake District Friesland.

A spokeswoman told De Telegraaf newspaper: ‘Promotion as an NBTC [Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions] task is being replaced by regulation of tourist flows. Many more regions must also benefit from the

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