Marijuana for depression and insomnia? Ohio could become the first state to allow medical use


More than half of Ohio’s population could become eligible for a medical marijuana card in June if the state approves five more ailments as qualifying conditions.

Among the proposed additions: depression and insomnia, which affect hundreds of thousands in the state.

An advisory committee for the state’s medical board began studying whether medical marijuana could help the ailments in January. The three other conditions being considered are anxiety, autism spectrum disorder and opioid use disorder, a formal term used for opioid addiction.

Tiffany Carwile of Bryan, Ohio, has a 5-year-old son with autism. Last autumn, when the state allowed residents to suggest new qualifying conditions, Carwile prepared a 500-page document supporting medical marijuana for autism. She is the Ohio director of Mothers Advocating Medical Marijuana for Autism.

“Medical marijuana is not a cure for autism. I’m not saying this is going to cure my son. But I know it’s going to dramatically improve his quality of life,” Carwile said. “If some

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