People Are Taking CBD To Chill TF Out After ‘Game Of Thrones’ Episodes


For most “Game Of Thrones” fans, “The Long Night” was much, much longer than they had bargained for. It was so long, in fact, that fans across the country couldn’t unwind and fall asleep afterward. Instead, brains raced with questions about how Arya got into the godswood in the first place to kill the Night King, who’s going to die next and what the heck this “big thing” is that Emilia Clarke keeps talking about.

So, to settle their emotionally drained minds, fans have started turning their attention from the Lord of Light to Lord Jones.

Hardcore fans have become consumed by the need to replay episodes in their heads and contemplate theories as they toss and turn in bed after the credits wrap, leaving many to say “not today” to episode anxiety by reaching for CBD products to calm themselves. So much so that the folks at Lord Jones, which specializes in luxury CBD products, have begun to notice a spike in Instagram tags for their brand on Sunday nights.

“We are all huge GoT fans and were delighted when we saw a bumper crop of social media posts from our fans last Sunday showcasing their favorite Lord

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