Indiana school reports surge in students vaping marijuana


School resource officers at Indiana’s largest high school are reporting a surge in students being sent to hospital emergency rooms after they used marijuana’s psychoactive ingredient in electronic cigarettes to get so high they had to seek help at the school nurse’s office.

Shane VanNatter, a Carmel High School resource officer, said he’s seen students who had vaped THC and were walking hallways “so stoned that they don’t know where they are.”


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“They’ll self-report. They’ll come to the nurse and say, ‘I’m too high. Something’s wrong,'” he told The Indianapolis Star .

VanNatter said 17 students at the school with an enrollment of about 5,000 students have been caught this school year for using, possessing or dealing THC vaping products.

The potency of the devices can give students a much more powerful high than expected, experts said.

THC levels in marijuana plants typically range from 15% to 24%, but VanNatter said one vaping cartridge that the school seized contained THC levels exceeding 80%.

Vaping devices burn liquid, or sometimes leaf, by using a battery-powered igniter in a chamber that looks like a pen or USB flash drive. The aerosol that’s inhaled and exhaled is not smoke but mirrors

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