Two techies held for selling marijuana oil


Two software engineers were caught on Friday with two litres of ganja oil, which is said to be highly potent and expensive too.

The accused, Boddu Achyuth Govind (25) from Ameenpur and his friend Murali Krishna Susheel (32), who works at a private firm in Bengaluru, were packing the oil in squeezable dropper bottles and supplying it to customers. While the cost of 20 grams of dry marijuana is usually ₹500, the ‘drug peddlers’ were supplying 10 ml of extracted oil for ₹3,000.

“The oil is more expensive than dry ganja. The small bottle is easy to carry and doesn’t attract suspicion,” the investigators said.

Vigilance and Enforcement Superintendent of Police T. Annapurna said the duo was procuring the oil from a Visakhapatnam man named Kamlesh Kumar.

Acting on a tip-off, the Ramachandrapuram unit of Vigilance and Enforcement department led by Additional SP K. Manohar and Inspector M. Prabhakar Reddy along with local police raided a house in Ameenpur and caught the duo red-handed, Ms. Annapurna said. “During interrogation, they confessed to be

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