Did Canadians flock to cannabis after legalization? A survey finds reefer mildness


Open cannabis laws did not spark a feared bout of reefer madness in Canada.

Indeed, consumption spikes since July 2018 (after passage of the Cannabis Act) were more like marijuana molehills, according to a large new survey of pot usage and attitudes across the country.

Despite concerns that cannabis use might skyrocket, the survey of 2,002 adults found that just 3 per cent of Canadians tried cannabis for the first time since legalization, with just 18 per cent of the population having used it in the last year. Legalization came into force Oct. 17.

“We’ve got a minor increase in usage (and) we don’t have a strong expressed intent amongst those who haven’t used, to use,” Craig Worden, president of the Toronto polling and research firm Pollara Strategic Insights, said of the survey results.

“So there aren’t a lot of people sitting around who are saying ‘yeah, that’s going to happen for me and I can’t wait,’ ” he said.

And of the new users the law attracted, most say they will likely be occasional rather than frequent pot participants,

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