Clueless stoner arrested after proudly showing marijuana plant to police


A clueless stoner was arrested after showing off his marijuana plant to police and asking if they wanted to sample his stash.

Arthur Carracino, 65, was reportedly smoking weed out of a bowl when police arrived to his house in Bunnell, Florida on Thursday. The hilarious interaction was captured on a police body cam after officers arrived at Carracino’s house for an unrelated incident.

When authorities arrived, they said Carracino, only dressed in underwear and a open shirt, brought them over to a two foot tall marijuana plant on the outskirts of his property. The officer asks Carracino: ‘Do you have a marijuana card?’, which would permit him to use the drug for himself.

‘Yeah Yeah, I Do. I’m working on it,’ Carracino replied. The officer laughed in disbelief and Carracino threw his hands in the air and

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