BlocBoy JB Arrested Before Hometown Performance at Beale Street Music Festival


Fox 13 reports that 22-year-old Memphis rapper BlocBoy JB was arrested on Friday just hours before a hometown show at Beale Street Music Festival. He’s facing a number of charges including convicted felon in possession of a handgun, speeding, possession of drug paraphernalia, and marijuana possession. Shelby County police arrested him alongside 19 others, who were all detained at BlocBoy’s house.

Police visited the artist’s home as part of a multi-agency investigation, although they weren’t specifically looking for him and were instead after someone he knows. “They weren’t looking for him, and there was no warrant for him personally,” BlocBoy’s attorney Murray Wells explained. “They may have been looking for other suspects on the premises.” He was scheduled to perform at the Beale Street Music Festival Friday evening.

Investigators have already thoroughly searched BlocBoy’s home, reportedly taking a few items of interest. There’s currently no word on whether he will still be able to perform at the festival, with a spokesperson offering no comment either way.

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