Aurora Cannabis: Don’t Listen To The Haters – Why It’ll Dominate The Industry Over The Long Term


I’ve been hitting it hard lately concerning Aurora Cannabis (ACB) and the perception it needs to make a deal with a large company in order to move to the next level. The reason why is the market is wrong on this in regard to Aurora, even though I expect there to be a number of significant partnerships entered into this year, albeit with very different terms than its competitors have made.

These will indeed trigger a significant boost in its share price, especially when accompanied by its rapidly growing revenue, and the company’s guidance that it’ll become cash-flow positive in 2019.

In this article we’ll look at a recent interview with Cam Battley, where he clearly lays out the partnership strategy of Aurora, and why the company hasn’t simply copied the actions of its peers.

Cam Battley on its partnership strategy
In a recent interview with Marketwatch, Battley was asked hadn’t entered into deals with large companies in the way its competitors had. Here’s how he

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