A joint is cheap in California, but marijuana costs even less in these states


California might not be the cheapest place to score a joint, but the price of green in the Golden State falls well below the national average.

The Oxford Treatment Center, a drug addiction treatment center, used data from crowd-source marijuana price aggregator priceofweed.com, to compile a list of states where bud is cheapest, and where it’s most expensive.

Priceofweed.com does not distinguish between marijuana purchased at retail stores and marijuana bought on the street from dealers. It gathers data from users who report how much they pay for cannabis.

Here’s how California compared.

For an ounce of high quality cannabis, Californians paid $257 on average. They paid $5.97 on average for a joint of high quality weed.

Neighboring Oregon had the cheapest quality marijuana at $211 for an ounce and $4.91 for a joint. The nation’s capital, Washington D.C., had by far the highest price of cannabis

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