Wisconsin Church ‘House Of Rastafari’ Distributes Marijuana As Sacrament


A church in Wisconsin known as the Lion of Judah House of Rastafari is on the spotlight for openly using marijuana as a sacrament.

City officials of Madison, where the church is based, are reportedly cracking down on the church, but the people behind the House of Rastafari are defending their right to practice their religion.

The church, co-founded by Jesse Schworck and Dylan Bangert, has already grown to include about 6,000 new members since it started accepting donations and distributing marijuana to parishioners in March, according to a report from CBS Boston.

Cannabis is still illegal in Wisconsin, but the House of Rastafari appears to have found a loophole by using it as a religious sacrament.

In a report from WISC in early April, Schworck pointed out that both the First Amendment and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act allows the members of the church to use marijuana as part of their spiritual practice. The Rastafarian religion, he added, uses cannabis to achieve the good and weed out the bad.

“This is a non-profit church,” explained Schworck. “We all use cannabis to meditate and also for the religious purpose for uplifting our mind and our body and our spirit.”

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