WeHo launches ‘Weed Like You to Know’ campaign


The city of West Hollywood is poised to lead the way in setting new trends as the world’s cannabis culture capital. In January 2018, the city of West Hollywood became one of the first cities in the state to permit adult-use retail cannabis sales.

In order to raise awareness about laws regarding cannabis use, the city of West Hollywood launched its Weed Like You To Know campaign on April 20, at 4:20 p.m.

The effort will include printed and digital materials, such as informational postcards in dispensaries and neighborhood-serving businesses, as well as social media messaging and electronic advertising.

Weed Like You To Know messages remind residents that adult-use cannabis is legal in the city of West Hollywood, but it can’t be consumed everywhere. Materials highlight the city’s support of legal cannabis consumption while also serving to clarify laws regarding consumption in public, smoking patios, and edibles. The aim is to remind consumers that using cannabis in public and at bars and restaurants isn’t permitted; consumption is only permitted at appropriate locations. Weed Like You To Know informational cards include the following messages: Cannabis consumption includes smoking, vaping and eating edibles; by state law, bars and restaurants that serve alcohol cannot also allow cannabis consumption; business

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