The Consumer Potential of Retail Cannabis


“Eat, drink, and be merry” is becoming an increasingly common mantra for cannabis consumers. It’s also a refrain that speaks the evolving demand picture for cannabis in a post-legalization environment, as it becomes clearer what products consumers want to see coming from the sector.

Today’s infographic (at source) comes to us from  The Green Organic Dutchman , and it dives deeper into the profound investor potential in cannabis retail products, like edibles and concentrates.

While seasoned consumers prefer smoking cannabis, other consumers are actually drawn to alternative forms that the plant comes in. Proprietary research from New Frontier Data reveals the products that most appeal to potential U.S. cannabis consumers:

69% solid edibles
54% liquid edibles
44% topicals
36% joints or blunts
32% vaporizers (vapes)
29% tinctures
21% concentrates
19% pipes / water pipes
The rising popularity in retail cannabis-derived products is being directed by consumers – and they’re using products for everything from relaxation to pain management.

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