Podcast: Pot Stock Deal Set to Create a New Cannabis Giant


Three numbers to start your day:

$949 Million is what Curaleaf Holdings will pay to buy pot wholesaler Cura Partners
The deal will transform America’s largest cannabis retailer Curaleaf into the largest legal weed seller in the world.

It’s a sign of just how high investors’ hopes are for the cannabis market.

$600 Billion is how much more money states have to find for retiree benefits
Some states have even been forced to make cuts to the non-pension benefits, including health care.

In Kansas retirees are already being asked to pay the full cost of their healthcare, with premiums as high as $1,000 a month. In North Carolina that means any worker hired from 2021 on misses out on health benefits once they retire.

A consultant told the Wall Street Journal that a lot of states simply didn’t understand exactly what they were promising to pay.

$31 Billion is how much Apple made from iPhone sales in the first quarter.
Investors reacted positively to the news, driving the share price up more than 6%.

For years, Apple stayed away from the types of sales and promotional tactics used by other retailers.

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