Marijuana or broccoli? Facebook illustrates AI’s challenges with this example – CNET


From hate speech to misinformation, the social network has big problems.

Facebook uses both human beings and artificial intelligence to combat some of its toughest problems, including hate speech, misinformation and election meddling. Now, the social network is doubling down on AI.

The tech giant has come under fire for a series of lapses, including its failure to pull down a live video of terrorist attack in New Zealand that killed 50 people at two mosques. Content moderators who review posts shared by the social network’s 2.3 billion users say they’ve suffered trauma from repeatedly looking at gruesome and violent content. But AI has also helped Facebook flag spam, fake accounts, nudity and other offensive content before a user reports it to the social network. Overall, AI has had mixed results.

Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer on Wednesday acknowledged that AI hasn’t been a cure-all for the social network’s “complex problems,” but he said the company was

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