He sings karaoke and wears a marijuana suit, the next Mississippi governor.


On a recent Monday night at Fenian’s Pub in Jackson, a candidate for Mississippi governor stepped up to grab the microphone.

David Singletary began his karaoke performance by singing “Uprising” by Muse. Nobody else seemed keen to perform yet, so he belted out a Josh Turner tune. And then he sang another, “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne, except he replaced “crazy” with “cannabis.”

“You’re never going to get another singing governor,” said Singletary, 61.

That’s probably true. At least not one who sings karaoke most Mondays at a pub, and who often wears a suit emblazoned with marijuana leaves. On this particular evening, “Big Dave” had gone casual, donning sweatpants and a fluorescent green T-shirt with “Singletary 420 Governor” on the front. (420 is reference to a marijuana holiday.)

For Singletary, a former Biloxi hotel owner and U.S. Air Force veteran, it was time to relax after a long day on the campaign trail. He’d been in Corinth and Tupelo earlier,

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