Farming Is Fundamental


The Growing Cannabis Industry Preserves County Agriculture

The North County Farmers Guild represents a new crop for Santa Barbara County and California — cannabis. We are farmers first and always. We love the land, we love the miracle of growing, and we are dedicated to making this community a model of responsible, cooperative farming. We need your help and support to do that.

Santa Barbara County is what it is today thanks to agriculture. From avocados and flowers in Carpinteria, to vegetables in the north and wine in the Santa Ynez Valley, agriculture is foundational to our culture and history, and it must continue if we are to enjoy our quality of life into the future.

That is why a small, yet loud, coalition of NIMBYs, one of whom wrote about cannabis in this spot last month, must be answered. While the Voice titled “Reefer Madness” made some outlandish claims, we trust Independent readers to ignore baseless rhetoric. We would, however, like to share the reality.

Successful agriculture has fueled our county’s economy and allowed us to enjoy open fields growing profitable crops instead of housing developments. There is no doubt that without profitable and

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