Cannabis makes exercise more enjoyable and may aid recovery


In most people’s minds, cannabis and exercise don’t really go hand in hand. Marijuana use is (often deservingly) associated with a lack of motivation and the propensity to lounge on a couch, which is why it seems common sense to stay away from it if a person wants to shift away from a sedentary lifestyle. At the same time, most people who try to exercise fail miserably because they find it unenjoyable. But, according to a new study, many cannabis users say they use the drug as a workout enhancer, citing that it makes exercising more enjoyable and helps recovery.

The authors from the University of Colorado were the first to collect empirical data on attitudes and behaviors regarding cannabis use and exercise among current cannabis users. Angela Bryan and colleagues surveyed 605 cannabis users living in states where marijuana is legal and found that 81.7% of the respondents used marijuana before and after a workout.

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