A Marijuana Brand With Loads of Street Cred


To his die-hard fans, Mr. Sherbinski is a storied name in marijuana.

A celebrated California cultivator, he helped create the Gelato and Sunset Sherbert strains that have been name-checked in more than 200 hip-hop songs, including “First Off” by Future and “Bosses Don’t Speak” by Migos.

At the Business of Fashion’s Voices conference in London last year, his brand, Sherbinskis, was introduced as “the Supreme of marijuana.”

And when Sherbinskis released its first sneaker design last year at ComplexCon, a two-day festival of hip-hop and fashion in Long Beach, Calif., the limited-edition Nike Air Force 1 model sold out in two hours. (There is a pair currently on eBay asking more than $1,000.)

Now, devotees of the marijuana brand will have an official place to worship. Sherbinskis recently announced plans for its first store, on Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles, a few doors away from a Supreme boutique.

Renderings show a rooftop garden that is visible from the sidewalk (no, there won’t be pot plants growing there), and a gallery-like white space decorated with close-up photos of marijuana buds. Haute cannabis products for sale include vape pens and pre-rolled buds in Instagram-worthy orange packaging; branded hoodies, fanny packs and Mophies; and fashion collaborations.

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