Skip the dispensary? Vancouver company offers illegal marijuana delivery service


A Vancouver company is offering “premium marijuana” delivery right to your door — and breaking the province’s cannabis laws while doing so. Pot Dash says it can deliver several different strains of cannabis within city limits in an hour or less to those who simply place a phone call and share two pieces of ID. An operator contacted by Global News referred requests for comment to the owner through email, who has yet to reply. (VIDEO).
In a statement Thursday, the Ministry of Public Safety said such delivery services are illegal and could soon be shut down by the provincial Community Safety Unit (CSU).

“Those operating illegally should be warned that they could potentially receive a visit from CSU officers in the very near future, as initial operations have begun to roll out,” a ministry spokesperson said in a statement.

The ministry wouldn’t give a timeline for when the CSU will be fully up and running in the Lower Mainland, and wouldn’t comment on any specific cases.

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