Gang member, 12, tells police his motto is ‘get killed or be killed’


A boy aged 12 said his life’s motto was ‘Get killed or be killed’ when stopped for giving police the finger. The boy boasted about being a gang member and said: ‘I do regret some of my life choices, but it’s too late to change now.’ PC Rowan Perrior of Essex Police said he confronted the boy, who was open about being part of a gang. He was taken back to school and was told by the officers to ‘stop being a silly little boy’. The area where the boy was confronted in South Ockendon is said to be at the centre of activity of a gang known as C17. Members are known to have links to the 410 gang from Brixton, south London, and also to gangs in Havering.

Sgt Fitzmaurice said: ‘The kids see the music and the money and the amount of views these videos are getting and a lot of people want to join in. They film the videos locally and get the youths involved. ‘Drill music is a big part of the problem in terms of the tensions with other crews. ‘You will see on YouTube that they are both disputing with each other and there will be a retaliation and it goes on from there. ‘Most of them are around 14 to 15 years old. But our youngest member is 13. The drugs they deal are a mixture of cocaine, cannabis, heroin and crack cocaine.’

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