Bags of Weed Found on the Outskirts of Belmopan


On Wednesday night, we told you about the large quantity of weed found in some bushes along the Hummingbird Highway. The eighteen parcels weighed in at fifty-six and a half pounds. But before that big discovery, police say they found a smaller quantity of about four and a half pounds of cannabis in the immediate area. All the items were labeled as found property. ACP Myvett gives details of the discoveries made.

“Belmopan Police visited an area at mile fifty-two on the Humming Bird Highway which is just some two miles outside of Belmopan, where in a busy area, police discovered two parcels wrapped in black plastics. These were retrieved and taken to the police station where it was weighed and amounted to four point five pounds. No one was found in the area. Additionally, police carried out a further search in the said area on Tuesday where they discovered additionally eighteen parcels wrapped in black plastic bag, which were also retrieved and taken to the station. These were all found to be cannabis and those amounted to fifty-six point five pounds.”

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