Hashtag This: Social Media Marketing Helps Cannabis Companies Reach…


In the digital age, companies must take their message directly to the masses. Cannabis companies, especially. Shut out of many traditional forms of advertising, brands are relying on social media and influencers to fill the void.

mg Magazine’s (mgretailer.com) special April #SocialMedia issue features tips from a wide variety of professionals, both within and outside the cannabis sector, who use social media platforms daily to extend their brand reach, gather data, drive sales, interact with consumers and fans, or all of the above. Social media is always on their minds.

“Social media plays a critical role in giving cannabis brands the opportunity to connect with customers and their communities when their hands are often tied by regulatory restrictions,” said Gretchen Gailey, vice president of New York-based KCSA Strategic Communications. “While cannabis is still considered uncharted territory by many in the marketing space, social

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