The Most Dangerous and Addictive Legal Drugs


Even though laws are put in place to protect a country’s citizens, they can’t always be a surefire way to prevent all bad things from happening to them. This is especially true when talking about addiction; the law distinguishes between legal vs. illegal drugs, but that doesn’t stop some people from abusing each of them. There are many dangerous and addictive legal drugs, and you can find them anywhere from your doctor’s office to your local pharmacy.

Even though medications are made to help people feel their best, the individual can abuse them to the point of feeling physically and mentally worse. These seemly harmless over-the-counter legal drugs can cause chronic problems, serious side effects, and even accidental overdose. In 2015, there were 263.47 billion sales from pharmacy and drug stores in the United States alone. With these statistics on the rise, more and more people are being affected negatively by addictive legal drugs.

The Most Dangerous and Addictive Legal Drugs
Alcohol — Most people forget that alcohol is a drug, too. Even though alcohol is legal for individuals who are at least 21 years old in the United States, it’s addictive and dangerous qualities can leave detrimental effects on the person’s physical health and personal life. The substance can be found in beer, wine, and liquor. Alcohol makes the individual feel happier as it dulls their pain and impairs their

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