Seth Rogen, Whoopi Goldberg and More Celebs Cashing In With Cannabis Products


Some celebs truly have their sights set high!

From Whoopi Goldberg’s announcement of her line “Whoopi & Maya,” to Willie Nelson’s “Willie’s Reserve,” it seems like more and more stars are exploring the CBD and cannabis business.

“As an activist, I’ve championed human rights, social issues and concerns of the disenfranchised, among other things,” The View co-host previously wrote in an open letter. “My latest venture concerns a social issue near and dear to my heart: the right for women to have access to the analgesic and other therapeutic qualities of cannabis.”

This seems to confirm a trend that has started long before 4/20. For some, weed is the new wine and owning a cannabis farm is so much cooler than owning a vineyard.

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