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It is shocking that the drugs and medicines of entertainers and affluent people are bursting. Korea has been called a ‘drug cleansing country’. Now, through the SNS, it has become easier to get drugs and it has been heard that it is a ‘drug-contaminated country.’ I would like to know the reason why, what the problem is, and the present situation of drug crime in Korea. I am going to talk to President Jeon Kyoung-su, the president of the Korea Drug Crime Society, who has been on the scene as a drug investigator for more than 20 years. Chairman Hello.

Kyung-Soo Jeon President, Korea Drug Crime Society:
Yes. Hello.

Kim Seong-joon / Host:
I think it is obvious that the drug trafficking trend is on the rise. Is that trend going steady?

Kyung-Soo Jeon President, Korea Drug Crime Society:
The trend did not spread today yesterday, but it has spread for a long time.

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■ The broadcast date and time: Monday, April 15, 2019
■ Talk: President of the Korean Society of Drug Criminology

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