Legal or Illegal: Status Of Cannabis Legalization Around The World On 4/20


In Sweden, of all places, the police are extremely diligent about prosecuting pot possession, while in Uruguay it’s perfectly legal.

Today is April 20 — or more colloquially, 4/20 — the unofficial holiday which celebrates cannabis and the surrounding culture. Today is also the day that the community advocates for legalization, not just in the U.S. but around the world. So, in honor of the day, here’s a look at the legal status of cannabis around the world.

A Mishmash Of Conflicting Laws: The United States, Australia, Jamaica

To be clear, cannabis is illegal in the United States in terms of federal law. In theory, one phone call from the Justice Department could result in every “legal” cannabis dispensary in Colorado, California, and other states being shut down, with the employees and patrons being hauled off to jail. However, the policy of the federal government has been one of looking the other way at states’ pot laws, as long as certain conditions are met, such as keeping it out of the hands of children. That has led to a mishmash of conflicting state and local laws. In certain states (Colorado, California, others) it’s legal for recreational use; in some, it’s legal for medical use (Illinois, New Mexico,

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