Alcohol, drugs, gambling: So addictive is Germany


Germany has an alcohol problem. No drug is so widespread and socially established. According to the latest calculations for 2017, each adult drank around 131 liters of alcohol in this country, reported the German main office for addiction issues. That was equivalent to a bathtub full of alcoholic drinks. Particularly popular were beer (around 101 liters per year), wine (20.9 liters per year) and spirits (5.4 liters). But tobacco, illegal drugs, drugs and gambling continue to worry addicts.

An overview from the current yearbook for addiction:

Alcohol: In comparison to 2016, people in Germany consumed two percent less alcohol in 2017. Nevertheless addiction researchers give no all-clear. “Drinking alcohol is considered completely normal in Germany,” said Christina Rummel, vice-director of the German main office for addiction issues. In the

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