Opinion: At a cannabis dispensary in Colorado I found the only thing that offered relief for my chronic pain


“I HAVE CHRONIC pain and I’d like some cannabis, please”.

Those are words I uttered to a ‘budtender’ at a cannabis dispensary in Colorado back in 2017 when I was being treated for interstitial cystitis.

It’s a terrible chronic pain condition, I can only compare it to living with shards of glass in your bladder at all times, making it impossible to function normally. If you have ever had a urinary tract infection it’s like having one consistently.

My case was down to a hormone imbalance and like most other cases of interstitial cystitis, it didn’t respond well to pain killers.

I tried lots of types of painkillers ranging from paracetamol and tramadol to dangerous synthetic opioids like fentanyl patches as well as Lyrica which is typically used for epilepsy.

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