City of Vancouver flies flag at half-mast to mark anniversary of overdose health emergency


The flag atop Vancouver’s city hall was flown at half-mast on Sunday as the city marked the lives lost in the province’s ongoing overdose crisis. Sunday marked the third anniversary of the province declaring the overdose crisis a public health emergency. WATCH: New overdose statistics lead to new calls for decriminalization

In the 1,090 days since then, more than 3,600 people have died of overdoses — more than 1,000 of them in Vancouver itself.

The city says it will fly the flag at half-mast on April 14 every year until B.C.’s provincial health officer rescinds the state of public health emergency.

“The City is committed to addressing the issues that further exacerbate the struggles around substance use. A comprehensive approach to illicit substance use including prevention, harm reduction and treatment, will save so many lives,” said

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