6 Post-Marathon Muscle Soothers You Haven’t Considered


The first thing most runners do (or should) after a long run is to stretch followed by a soak in the tub and keeping their legs up for the rest of the day. While we love the runner’s high we get from distance runs, we don’t love the soreness we feel in our calves, quads and IT bands. When our team trains for half or full marathons or any long distance race, we have to find ways to relieve our muscles, particularly leading up to the race.
CBD is seemingly everywhere these days — including in recovery balms. This Healing Stick features arnica — similar to the Runner’s High muscle rub — and wintergreen, which helps cool the skin. It also has peppermint and hemp seed oil, which help reduce muscle aches and inflammation respectively. CBD is helpful in these types of products due to its relaxing benefits. At $75, this is on the more expensive side of recovery due to the CO2 extraction, how cannabis is reduced to different compounds — THC and CBD. It’s typically difficult to guarantee a pure amount of CBD and low amounts of THC, which is why there are so many CBD products on the market, but

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