Will the Punisher Punish Recreational Marijuana Users in War of the Realms?


Recreational marijuana is a hot topic in the United States right now, earning support from presidential candidates and elected officials and a majority of the population. But how does the Punisher feel about it? In this preview of War of the Realms: Punisher #1, Frank Castle busts down the door of a music studio and confronts a hippie music teacher who admits to smuggling some weed across state lines from Colorado to New York, even though New York has not yet legalized recreational weed (though they are looking to do so soon).

Thankfully, it looks like The Punisher has other concerns at the moment, so this lucky stoner is off the hook… for now.

It does leave the question unanswered, however. Where DOES the Punisher stand on this issue?

Actually, you know what, scratch that. It looks like he may be dipping into a stash of his own, because he must be seeing things, maaan…

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