For A Game About Pot, Weedcraft, Inc. Sure Is Square


Weedcraft, Inc., a new tycoon-style management sim released today on PC and Mac, wants you to know that it’s cool.
Hip-hop beats that wouldn’t sound out of place on a popular YouTube “lo-fi beats to study to” playlist fill the soundtrack. The art is grimy, but in a hip, DIY way, and the writing is full of disaffected, mildly satirical jokes about the square world that isn’t in on how Not A Big Deal weed is.

Unfortunately, cool kids can only stay cool as long as there are enough squares to compare them to, and once you start digging, Weedcraft is a lot more straightedge than it thinks it is.

When you start up Weedcraft, Inc., it has you choose between two scenarios—a basic one meant to tutorialize you, and an advanced one that throws you in the deep end—and tasks you with starting your very own home-grown cannabis business. Will you keep things shady and sell via dealers? Or will you build a legitimate cannabis empire for medicinal and recreational purposes alike?

As a management sim, Weedcraft, Inc. is heaven for tinkerers and obsessives. It’s also a bit straightforward—you’re mostly just managing resources and clocks, and the various systems

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