Video shows armed man charging at LEO before being fatally shot




Gueorgui Penev was suffering “acute intoxication of cocaine and LSD” and exhibiting “agitated, violent, self-injurious behavior” when he was fatally shot by a Fredonia officer Dec. 10, the Chautauqua County DA said Friday at a news conference held to announce the officer would not be charged.

Chautauqua County District Attorney Patrick E. Swanson said Friday there was no evidence to support filing criminal charges against Officer Nathaniel Scriven, who shot and killed Penev, 23, known as George.

The District Attorney’s Office Friday released video from Scriven’s police body camera that showed the officer’s confrontation with a bloody, shirtless George Penev, who, armed with a knife, appeared to be chasing Scriven in the snow. Penev ignored repeated orders by Scriven to drop the knife. The video shows Penev continuing to advance toward the officer even after being shot twice by Scriven. Penev fell to the ground after being shot two more times by the officer.

Officers were responding at the time to a non-emergency medical well-being check at an address on Liberty Street, where Penev had locked himself in a second-floor bathroom.

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