Hemp: Growing an old crop with new tricks


Throughout my year as Alice in Dairyland, I have promoted the diversity of Wisconsin agriculture as the industry’s greatest strength. America’s Dairyland is filled with cattle, mink, corn, cranberries and more. Now, for the first time since the 1950s, we’ve added industrial hemp to the list.

I was still working as a news reporter in Eau Claire when the story of bringing back hemp hit the wires. We used black-and-white footage of the crop because that was the only visual we had for our television viewers. After making a visit to Monroe in 2019, I now have a clearer vision of industrial hemp.

Mark Hubbard of GroHub Farm in Monroe met with me to explain his business. He recently moved to Wisconsin from the state of Washington, but Hubbard had ties to Wisconsin through his father’s dairy farm. Hubbard says he saw the Wisconsin xxx.

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