Top Cannabis CEO Promises His 4/20 Event Will Be the Greatest Show on Earth


LOS ANGELES , April 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — , the top cannabis social media platform and ad marketplace, will be having its 3rd Annual BudTrader Ball at WISDOME’s Virtual Reality Park in downtown Los Angeles . The 3rd annual BudTrader Ball will take place on April 20, 2019 , to celebrate the annual 4/20 holiday.

BudTrader’s extravagant cannabis industry gala is expected to draw 1,500 notable and influential cannabis community and select guests this year, indicative of the company’s astounding growth and respected reputation for events. This black-tie event has become the quintessential 420 party for Southern California, attracting VIP guests and industry leaders from around the country. Guests include scores of famous entertainers, professional athletes, celebrity recording artists, media figures and other influential personalities who share a love of cannabis and the community.

The BudTrader Ball’s party will utilize all 5 of the WISDOME VR Art Park’s cutting edge domed rooms. Each of these vaulted ceilings is equipped for Virtual Reality, 360 audio and 360 projection

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