The Civil Guard detains 51 people from an organization dedicated to the trafficking of hashish


The Civil Guard, in its fight against drug trafficking in the coasts of Andalusia, has dismantled a criminal organization dedicated to introducing large amounts of hashish in the peninsula and have arrested the 51 members of the organization.

Thus, they recalled that last autumn the Civil Guard learned that an organization dedicated to the trafficking of hashish on a large scale, known as the ‘Mosquito’ , due to pressure from the Benemérita on the coasts of Cádiz, could be carrying out their illegal activities in bordering provinces.

Therefore, as reported by the Civil Guard through a statement, investigations were initiated and it was learned that they could have launched a semi-rigid boat in Almayate, in the Malaga town of Vélez-Málaga.

For this they would have used a narco-jetty that they would share with other criminal organizations and in which up to 20 vessels would have been launched in recent months. In addition,

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