Cops Film Themselves Viciously Beating Suicidal Hospital Patient for Their Own Pleasure


When FBI agents launched an investigation into crooked drug-dealing Patterson Police Officer Ruben McAusland, they made a startling discovery when they seized his cellphone for evidence. McAusland and his partner, officer Roger Then, filmed themselves attacking a man in the hospital for sheer enjoyment.

“Prior to that video being discovered, we did not know about that assault,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Rahul Agarwal said in federal court in Newark on Wednesday morning.

The patient, later identified as Andrew Casciano, has since filed a $4 million suit against the city.

The disturbing video was taken on March 5, 2018 at a hospital in Paterson. The man in the hospital bed, Casciano, had just attempted suicide and was being treated. He needed help, but sadly, he got a broken face instead.

As Casciano is lying in the hospital bed, he tells the officers to “do it” before McAusland proceeds to wallop him so hard that blood sprayed from his face, twice. The blows were so vicious that Casciano was severely injured

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