Cannabis-flavoured vodka to make debut at Wine & Spirits Show


The vodka brand, co-founded by Maarten Witteveen, is made using 100% natural cannabis terpenes to flavour the vodka, and as such contains none of the psychoactive or medicinal properties of the marijuana plant.

“We started as most ideas flourish I guess, shooting the shit with some mates and coming up with the crazy idea of adding cannabis leaves to vodka, a bit like the botanical distillation of gins without the master distiller involved,” explains Witteveen.

“In the end we figured we would use 100% natural cannabis terpenes (flavour). Most cannabis terpenes are artificial as there is very little oil in the plant to extract. We considered the options and 100% natural is by far the best performer infused in top quality, quintuple distilled French grain vodka at 40% ABV.”

The cannabis oil used to flavour the spirit is sourced from California, where the team is able to work with cannabis legally, however tests are then carried out independently to ensure that there is no THC (the psychoactive substance in cannabis) present, making it legal in European markets.

As a result Weedka is 100% legal wherever alcohol is legal, adds Witteveen.

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